Industry Experts in Reducing Costs in Chain Restaurant Product Purchases and Services, while Maintaining & Enhancing Quality.

Welcome To Synergy Management

Offering Experienced & Innovative Expense Reduction Solutions for Restaurants

Synergy Management is a professional services firm that develops, implements and manages purchase-cost reduction solutions for regional and national restaurant venues. Our services are best suited to clients in the fast casual to fine dining arenas with 7-70 locations. Cost effective Synergy Programs, supplier management and procurement strategies result in client cost savings ranging from 1%-3% of sales. Read more on how we accomplish this >>




Food Programs

Protein Program – Regional; Meat & Poultry Produce & Dairy Program – Regional; managed distributor mark-up; Synergy audit rights, Farm to Client


Distributor Management

Automated quarterly contract price compliance Negotiate manufacturer rebates & deviations Identify missed allowances through non-contract purchase substitutions, Monitor MDA contract margin compliance


Purchase Management

Chemical – National, Paper & Disposables – Regional Linen – Regional; new and mid-contract price negotiations., Grease Trap services & Cooking Oil Recycling – National CO2 / Nitrogen / Helium – National


Why Synergy Management

Our experience in spend management, supplier management, procurement strategies, deep market knowledge and purchasing leverage allows our clients to reach peak performance. We work with 90% of your spend from produce and protein to grease traps, credit card processing to banking and insurance, linen and more.

Helping you Succeed by Developing, Implementing, and Supporting
Sustainable Purchase Cost Reduction Programs and Strategies