What Our Clients Say

David Cohn, President Cohn Restaurant Group

Synergy has delivered on everything they said they would.  It is a true partnership and they have integrated so well with our team that we view them as an extension of our company.  They’ve exceeded my own initial expectations.


Phil Pace, President Phil's BBQ

We are focused on our customer experience and fine tuning the organization as we continue our aggressive growth.  Synergy’s Managed Vendor Programs are a key to maintaining our focus.  Each quarter, Synergy does a great job of auditing to see that we are consistently receiving the correct pricing. They are excellent at negotiating the right terms for us going into a contract because they know the nuances of a specific contract and how to get us the most advantageous terms since they’re in the market every day.  To date, our cost savings exceed 1% of sales.  Long-term pricing and favorable terms are attributes of SYNERGY that win customers over.”